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Back in September 2011, author David Weber announced on his blog the following:

“… Okay, according to my “Hollywood representative,” we’ve officially closed the deal on the movie option for the Honorverse. I should be seeing the contracts in the next few days, and there are a couple of other legal documents that need to be traded back and forth, but We Have a Deal….”

Some of you will no doubt ask, ‘what is an Honorverse and who is Honor Harrington?’ Well, the simple answer is; Honor Harrington is perhaps the most well written character in science fiction history. She was first launched in 1992 by writer David Weber in the book On Basilisk Station and he has developed her as part of the Honorverse. The Honorverse refers to the military science fiction book series (including the sub series and anthologies created by David Weber and several co-authors; who I’m not listing here but will provide links for).


On Basilisk Station by David Weber – the first novel in the Honor Harrington saga

The books, over 25 in the series (see below) not counting the Honorverse books, short stories, and anthologies, are so well written it puts you there beside her in the command chair. Weber has created a universe for his beloved characters down to the smallest detail. There are examples of his Honorverse bible that spell out every detail; from the colour of the uniform and insignia, civilian clothing of the day and music selection of the various planets and societies. Of course the military hardware is well represented from all sides with great detail. The character list is extensive with elaborate interactions and dialog.

I can tell you that after reading On Basilisk Station many years ago, I fell in love with the series, characters and plots. And even back in the early 90’s, there has always been a growing

following of Weber’s Honor Harrington and talk about how great a move would be. Well, after that 2011 announcement by Weber, there has not been much news and speculation about the project and fans of Honor Harrington have been hungry for something. I was looking around and came across some tantalizing (and hopeful) news that either production or release is set for 2014. I can not personally see a release date of 2014 as not even the cast has been chosen and Weber or (any) production persons associated with the project are not saying anything. The current production credits are as follows:

The (first) movie is, according to David Webber himself, based on the On Basilisk Station narrative which is a fantastic place to begin the saga of Honor Harrington. There is are copious amounts of fan sites on the internet that not only support and encourage the film, but even go so far as to suggest the actor that would play Honor.

I can tell you that my favorite would be Angelina Jolie for the part. She exudes what Weber wrote as the Harrington character on so many levels. Another name from the fans that come up often is that of Patricia Velasquez who played Anck Su Namun in The Mummy movie. Both of these women have the physical and acting abilities to pull of the part of Honor.


In the end however it comes down to what David Weber has in mind and money. Based on his blog he is very excited about the possibility of the production of a Honor film but like all things Hollywood projects have a dozen plus ways of going off the rails. Weber’s own post was in 2011 and nothing since then has been said (not publicly at any rate).

I wish David all the best in putting this project on the front burner and I truly hope that it gets made. An Honor Harrington movie would be a tremendous hit amongst the fans (world wide).

Stay tuned to Antigrav Review and as soon as I hear anymore about the movie, I’ll be sure to post it. In the interim, for the uninitiated who want to know more about Honor Harrington and the Honorverse, you can visit David Weber’s official site at http://www.davidweber.net or Baen Publishing at http://www.baen.com and check out the list of Harrington books (some of which are free for you to download as an eBook and others you can get sample chapters.

Honor Harrington book list by David Weber (some co-authored) – this does NOT include the Honorverse books

  • On Basilisk Station
  • The Honor of the Queen
  • The Short Victorious War
  • Field of Dishonor
  • Flag in Exile
  • Honor Among Enemies
  • In Enemy Hands
  • Echoes of Honor
  • Ashes of Victory
  • War of Honor
  • At All Costs
  • Mission of Honor
  • A Rising Thunder
  • Shadow of Freedom
  • More Than Honor
  • Worlds of Honor
  • Changer of Worlds
  • The Service of the Sword
  • Crown of Slaves
  • In Fire Forged: Worlds of Honor V
  • Beginnings
  • The Shadow of Saganami
  • Storm from the Shadows
  • Crown of Slaves
  • Torch of Freedom

Royal Manticoran Navy Flag

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One response to “Honor Harrington Movie

  1. I think a better choice wold be Maggie Q from Nikkita. Webber has stated that he wold not support the use of Jolie as Honor.

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