Honor Harrington Movie Update


Just a quick update to the Honor Harrington (HR) movie news….. If you’re a fan of author David Weber then you know who Honor Harrington is & no doubt you know that an Honor Harrington Movie is in the works.

News is still (very) scant about the movie, but Weber recently posted (29 July) on his blog a tantalizing update, saying that progress continues to be made on the movie that Evergreen Productions is the production company working on the film.

honor-of-the-queenOne small change from the original posts from David Weber, is that Honor of the Queen (the second book in the HR series) was selected as the first book to make the jump to film. I find this strange because Weber’s initial argument for On Basilisk Station is the beginning of the Honor Harrington story and made for a fitting introduction to the character.

His update points to the fact however that for this film to be a success, it has to appeal to a much wider audience than HR fans and to this, I fully agree.  It will not do if the film flops and although HR fans count in the thousands around the world, it is not enough to just ‘settle’ for opening night screening. It has to wow a new generation to the HR character and sell not just at the box office, but through increased book and merchandise sales. It is after all a business that needs to see the money flow.

In his forum post, Weber also states:

 “the number one issue is going to be bringing Nimitz to the screen and integrating his relationship with Honor into the screenplay in a way which will allow people not already familiar with the books to recognize that Nimitz is far more than simply a pet. I’m sure nobody will be surprised to learn that the ‘Evergreen Nimitz’ isn’t going to look exactly like anything we’ve already seen in print. Partly, that’s because Evergreen is going to be able to do things in terms of modeling musculature, skeleton, facial expression, the movement of ears, etc., that simply can’t be done by a cover artist. Partly it’s because movies are such an intensely visual environment that they almost have to do more in developing the treecats’ physical appearance because of how long he’s going to be on-screen and how critical his relationship with Honor actually is.”

As with just about all book to movie franchise projects, HR fans will have contend with changes in the physical appearance of the ships and other items we read about. The Honorverse ships we read about in the books ‘look’  the way they do because of constraints imposed by the physics of the universe Weber writes about.  The ships in the books all tended to look alike.

On screen however, the audience, namely those not familiar with HR, will need to be able to quickly differentiate between one type of ship and another; Between one navy and another. Star Trek fans will note for example that Federation ship design is drastically different than that of all other species.

Simple put, there are going to be design changes that will deviate from the HR books and will be necessary for the film version.

Evergreen Productions will be attending Honorcon in November and will be speaking more about the status of the project. It is hoped by all HR fans that we will hear and see more about the production at that time. 

If you haven’t had a chance to read David Weber’s The Honor of the Queen, can download a free copy of the book from Baen eBooks by clicking here.

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